New 3D Volume Lashes   are for a fuller  false lash look.  3 or more feather light lashes are attached to each individual lash  creating volume without the weight.

(2 hours)  £85

Half 3D  Classic individual lashes mixed in with half 3D for a fuller look. Especially great for finer lashes or special occasions 

(90 mins)    £65

Semi Permanent individual lashes  Classic one lash on each eyelash which give a natural enhanced look. Popularly known as the 'instant eye lift' last up to 6 weeks and fall out gently with natural lashes. (60-75 min)     £45

30 Minute Lash top up  A versatile mini lash infill to use whenever you need an added boost to lashes or prefer more regular infills  (30 mins)  £15

Lash Infills to maintain semi permanent lashes every 2/3 weeks

 (45-60 min)       £30

Party Lashes (clusters) great for special occasions. For an instantly dramatic look last for 2 weeks

 (30 min)      £25


Enhanced Brow  time is taken to precisely shape and tint the eyebrows  to create a flattering brow shape to compliment face shape and encourage eyebrow growth in desired shape.

  (30min )          £25

Brow shape      £6

Brow tint          £6

Eyelash tint (recommended for blonde lashes before eyelash application)           £12


Shampoo & Blow dry - decide from Big and Bouncy to sleek and chic 

 from    £20

Intense Deep conditioning treatment for distressed tresses             £10

Cut & Blow Dry                                                                                            £38


Shellac Manicure                                                                                     £22                                                                          

File & Polish                                                                                              £10

Standard manicure                                                                                  £18                                              


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